October 2007

034: I Want To Claw You

This week we get back down to business by discussing ways to tell you might be gay, games that mock you and Cinnamon being possessed by the devil. Victoria graces our ears with reviews of Comedian and Zodiac and we ask you all to give us your tattoo and Halloween Costume ideas while discussing our own ideas. In sports, the Red Sox are champions again, The Bears win for Victoria and the Jaguars win for me PLUS Victoria is one step closer to the Nano. The Redskins should stop sucking and take it like men and this week’s game does not include the Patriots or Colts.

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033: Now Put That Out Before You Hurt Yourself

This week Uncast records while San Diego burns and afterwards we all sit around the charred rubble to retell the tale. Someone bring us the marshmallows!

Oh I’m sorry. Is it too soon?

OK seriously, thanks out to all the firefighters, national guard, police, etc who worked so many hours and fought so valiantly only to lose 1500 homes. Don’t worry, you’ll get ’em next time, guys!

032: I’ve Got a Thing About Jesus

This week we catch up. Topics include photography, food, drink, tattoos, In the Buff, Comics, shoes, sex and much more!

Check out photos I took at the Photography Workshop: www.flickr.com/photos/czzyzx41
Check out more photos from the workshop: Flickr tag for tfttfws4
Check out Digital Photography: Tips From the Top Floor: www.tipsfromthetopfloor.com

The tattoo:

031: Podcast Expo Recap

On this episode we bring in Butch and finally recap our weekend at the Podcast and New Media Expo in Ontario, CA.

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As of the release of this episode, we currently rank 45th overall in October on Podcast Alley and 11th in comedy. Get out the vote! Tell your friends!

030 : European Style Lubricant

Today we get a special visitor! It’s Chris Marquardt the host of Digital Photography: Tips From the Top Floor. He’s been staying at the Uncast residence the last few nights in preparation for the “Learning to See” Photography Workshop and we gain a bit of real European perspective on the following topics:

Our new Nano related segments, beer, the coming weekend, Sexual Harrassment Training and American’s apparent thoughts on what it means for something to be “European”.

BTW, we reached #28 overall on Podcast Alley! That’s great work guys but we’ve slipped to 30! Now for those that haven’t voted yet, get going! We could use all the votes we can get. Thanks so much to those who’ve already voted.

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btw, check out Kurt’s work at his website