September 2007

029: There’s a Cookie In My Whore

This episode is a long one! (That’s what she said) 87 minutes of fun for the whole family!

This week we discuss: Football, Cupids Chokehold, PB&J, Robin > Batman, Cock Tales, Pimps, Brothel (knitting, cookies & whores) and the phrases Eternal Keg and Angrogynous. Victoria brings us an awesome list with knitting naughty things, Buffy, Dr Grip, Uncast Merch., hot sauce, parents, saying emoticon names, sushi, Daniel, sex and songs that turn you on. Butch rants about the real ACME and Victoria makes us put nasty things in our mouths.

028: Cause That Would Be Awesome

In this episode we learn that Victoria may be suffering from PCOS (see this link for more info). We discuss our new lifestyle of diet and exercise which we hope will lead to better health and thinner waists. Victoria asks us all what our getup and go song is. Ours is “Push” by Brother Love. I ask us all why there are so few child stars that grow up to be normal and we both want to hold magic bullet parties though she’s thinking about food.

Some co-workers of hers buy shit from partylite and it baffles Victoria. She introduces us to Ravelry. She’s gotten back into knitting folks. Watch out!
We discuss kisses, pussy and breast feeding. Then there’s a bit of a look back to past episodes and we end it with class as usual…a new revelation.

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027: Cinnamon the Thug

This week we learned a lot from the VMAs and Victoria helps to guide us through these lessons. We recap last weeks Game of the Week in which her pick lost in embarrassing fashion and Victoria also reviews two movies she recently saw: Breach and Blades of Glory.

We have a few events coming up: The Podcast & New Media Expo and New Years Eve with KATG in Las Vegas! For the expo we are buying t-shirts for Uncast and in creating these shirts on Cafe Press, we realized that there is a seemingly endless list of gift possibilities for Christmas.

We decide that Cinnamon needs a theme song and a new identity on the show: Cinnamon the Thug. She’s coming to destroy a town near you even through she doesn’t leave the house. There’s some reviews of The Office Season 3 DVD, more “That’s what she said” and this week’s Game of the Week: Washington Redskins vs New York Giants

Oh and we learn Victoria is a block girl and she wants to call me Hunter. Hmmm new show name? Hunter and Block Girl? No I don’t think the world is ready for such greatness.

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026: Tie Them To the Radiator

This week we discuss our Labor Day weekend. I had my best ever…she had her best ever and together we bring the love together. She reviews Black Snake Moan and Volver. I discuss (briefly) the fanboy scene and the start of the NFL season. Saints vs Colts. Who you got?