025: People of the Future Will Need Your Fortunes

We begin this episode examining a scratch on Victoria’s leg and Infoquest. All seems lost until we start asking the real hard hitting questions:

1. Do you subscribe to the “You had to be a fan before X album in order to be considered a true fan” philosophy?
2. Which bands that are still considered respectable did you love in their prime but now you don’t like?
3. Going vice versa…which did you dislike in their prime but now you like them?
Also the newest deathmatch poll: Cujo vs. Michael Vick. Who wins?

We debate the Vegoose Music Festival vs Street Scene and we announce an upcoming concert. I have my rant of the week against people with stupid bumper stickers and window decals.

PSA from Uncast: Watch Doctor Who & read “The Sweet Hereafter” by Russell Banks

We solicit advice from parents and I go through the first 13 episodes of Uncast, redacting some comments I’ve made. Through this walk through time we learn that Victoria’s ass is like a fortune cookie, Jesus is like bacon and Obama is going to have to work extra hard at getting the Jew vote.

We also cordially invite you to join us for the Buffy-Oke screening of “Once More With Feeling” at the Ken Cinemas at midnight on October 5 & 6.