024: Who Says They Want To Be the Feet?

This week we bring in Butch Rosser and Aaron Brungardt and try to create a MANcast to counter-balance the Estrogencast we were subjected to a month ago. As you would expect from such an episode, topics range from sex and edible underwear to movies, fanboy TV shows, sports, music and hot chicks.

We also do our best to offend every part of the world except we all agree that Canada rocks. In this we also shout out to the Canadian hotties in our lives, Rhian and kataish among others. If names were forgotten, please forgive us. We were drunk, disorderly and the fact that we remembered two names is a feat in itself.

In this episode we use this opportunity to pimp out Aaron’s new DVD release of Fred’s Friend which you can get by contacting him through his MySpace page and the new and quickly rising song by Bomani D’Mite Armah called “Read a Book”. It has a great beat and sends some life lessons our way. Take this song to heart. Learn from it. Apply it to your life.

*big breath*

There are deathpools, a discussion of Superbad, Heroes vs 24, Aaron’s misguided belief that Janeane Garofalo is better than Kristen Bell and a new innovative idea for all our single listeners out there. We also begin whispers of Butch’s campaign for the presidency in 2016, talk about him possibly becoming my brother-in-law by 2010 (or 2013) and if you miss hearing Victoria’s voice, don’t worry. She’ll be back next week stronger than ever.