August 2007

025: People of the Future Will Need Your Fortunes

We begin this episode examining a scratch on Victoria’s leg and Infoquest. All seems lost until we start asking the real hard hitting questions:

1. Do you subscribe to the “You had to be a fan before X album in order to be considered a true fan” philosophy?
2. Which bands that are still considered respectable did you love in their prime but now you don’t like?
3. Going vice versa…which did you dislike in their prime but now you like them?
Also the newest deathmatch poll: Cujo vs. Michael Vick. Who wins?

We debate the Vegoose Music Festival vs Street Scene and we announce an upcoming concert. I have my rant of the week against people with stupid bumper stickers and window decals.

PSA from Uncast: Watch Doctor Who & read “The Sweet Hereafter” by Russell Banks

We solicit advice from parents and I go through the first 13 episodes of Uncast, redacting some comments I’ve made. Through this walk through time we learn that Victoria’s ass is like a fortune cookie, Jesus is like bacon and Obama is going to have to work extra hard at getting the Jew vote.

We also cordially invite you to join us for the Buffy-Oke screening of “Once More With Feeling” at the Ken Cinemas at midnight on October 5 & 6.

024: Who Says They Want To Be the Feet?

This week we bring in Butch Rosser and Aaron Brungardt and try to create a MANcast to counter-balance the Estrogencast we were subjected to a month ago. As you would expect from such an episode, topics range from sex and edible underwear to movies, fanboy TV shows, sports, music and hot chicks.

We also do our best to offend every part of the world except we all agree that Canada rocks. In this we also shout out to the Canadian hotties in our lives, Rhian and kataish among others. If names were forgotten, please forgive us. We were drunk, disorderly and the fact that we remembered two names is a feat in itself.

In this episode we use this opportunity to pimp out Aaron’s new DVD release of Fred’s Friend which you can get by contacting him through his MySpace page and the new and quickly rising song by Bomani D’Mite Armah called “Read a Book”. It has a great beat and sends some life lessons our way. Take this song to heart. Learn from it. Apply it to your life.

*big breath*

There are deathpools, a discussion of Superbad, Heroes vs 24, Aaron’s misguided belief that Janeane Garofalo is better than Kristen Bell and a new innovative idea for all our single listeners out there. We also begin whispers of Butch’s campaign for the presidency in 2016, talk about him possibly becoming my brother-in-law by 2010 (or 2013) and if you miss hearing Victoria’s voice, don’t worry. She’ll be back next week stronger than ever.

023: Nobody Wants the Ass Microphone

All by ourselves again! Damn. sad face 😦

This week the topics include Sex and the Transformers. Would you have sex with someone inside a Transformer? We say Happy Birthday to Victoria’s dad, P-Bart and a Happy 8th Anniversary to us! We’ve made it this far, we might as well go all the way. That’s what she said! We miss you Rachel.

Victoria tries to convince us there is a correlation between the popularity of sex as pets and the downfall of society. I doubt it. What do you think?

Victoria then tries to cast me as Notorious B.I.G. before I have to shut that idea down as per I’m white. I also introduce, for the first time, my very own Awesome List! All on my own too!

We get a few celebrity quotes, discuss the Podcast Awards and Victoria is thoroughly bored by it all. That is, until we discuss the five drrrty things that get her excited.

Links for the week include:
Kemo Sabe in Hillcrest
The Podcast & New Media Expo (come join us!)
The Mentos Intern
and a picture of the tattoo Victoria would like to get (minus the background)

Also! Don’t forget to check out the great podcasts that we mentioned on the show!
Keith and the Girl
Tips From the Top Floor
The Dawn and Drew Show
Grammar Girl
Never Not Funny
Buzz Out Loud
Podcast 411
And get them and all their listeners to listen to us as well! Marketing! Referrals! We can’t make it without you!

022as: Ode To My Mother

This is the aftershow for episode 22. No comments. Just listen.

“Boobs a Lot” by The Holy Modal Rounders

022: It Just Tastes So Wonderful

This is our last episode with Rachel before she heads back to West Virginia.

We discuss her week at Grandmas
High: Friends, money and clothes
Low: Grandma and a certain troubled cousin

We also discuss Victoria’s ever present ear problem and how it’s turning her into a soul stealer.

Congratulations go out to Annam & Alex on getting married! We attended the wedding and we give our review of the illustrious day.


Audience Action Assignments of the Week: Tell us what your fetish is and just what is it about golden showers that some people seem to like? Also, check out the Tips From the Top Floor photography workshop: Learning To See (button is that pretty picture button in the sidebar..go click on it) and don’t forget to vote for us on podcast alley.

021: We All Can’t Be Jesus

This week it’s just Victoria and I while Rachel is visiting with family.

Discussion includes a review of “Elizabeth”, Weakest Songs by Badass Bands, Victoria’s New Love and as always a few interesting stories. One of them involves nudity! Woo-hoo!

020: Chasing Veronica

Rachel returns again this week to discuss Hairspray, our day at various Veronica Mars filming locations, church stories and Victoria’s latest Awesome list.

We ask for your opinion on our latest death match: Cap’n Crunch vs Tony the Tiger. Who would win?

I bring in a couple of news stories from the previous week, Victoria tries to create Mimecast and we have to remind her that Trix are for kids, not for Victoria. You can’t have. Not yours.

Photos from the Veronica Mars Filming Locations Tour are up and can be found in the sidebar of the website.