Butch and Rachel join us for this episode of Uncast.

Topics de la semaine: Butch and I battle it out about Hall & Oates (Awesome or teh suck?) and the girls discuss their week together including a trip to the zoo and a night at the local Harry Potter release party. This vacation brings about two things. First, Cinnamon needs a panda. Second, we each claim a Harry Potter character…Victoria takes Daniel Radcliffe, Rachel takes Rupert Grint and Butch takes Emma Watson. They try to pin me with Bonnie Wright (Ginny Weasley) but I choose Katie Leung (Cho Chang) instead.

While they falsely accuse me of loving Bonnie and Butch makes remarks about my going for an underage girl, let me put it on the record that the girl I chose (Katie Leung) is 19 and will be 20 on August 8th while the girl HE picked (Emma Watson) will not be legal until NEXT April 15th. Suck on that you child molesting pervert.

It’s pretty much Butch and I from that point with him discussing his new job at Anthology, telling the tale of how he lost his old job and we go into a club called Aubergine and how DJ Mikey Beatz helped kickstart Butch’s future career as a club mashup DJ.