July 2007

Butch and Rachel join us for this episode of Uncast.

Topics de la semaine: Butch and I battle it out about Hall & Oates (Awesome or teh suck?) and the girls discuss their week together including a trip to the zoo and a night at the local Harry Potter release party. This vacation brings about two things. First, Cinnamon needs a panda. Second, we each claim a Harry Potter character…Victoria takes Daniel Radcliffe, Rachel takes Rupert Grint and Butch takes Emma Watson. They try to pin me with Bonnie Wright (Ginny Weasley) but I choose Katie Leung (Cho Chang) instead.

While they falsely accuse me of loving Bonnie and Butch makes remarks about my going for an underage girl, let me put it on the record that the girl I chose (Katie Leung) is 19 and will be 20 on August 8th while the girl HE picked (Emma Watson) will not be legal until NEXT April 15th. Suck on that you child molesting pervert.

It’s pretty much Butch and I from that point with him discussing his new job at Anthology, telling the tale of how he lost his old job and we go into a club called Aubergine and how DJ Mikey Beatz helped kickstart Butch’s future career as a club mashup DJ.

018: Something to soak up everything inside of me

She’s sniffing porn. Just move on.

017: Estrogen Estrogen Everywhere

This week Becky fills in as I travel to WV to attend my mom’s wedding.

Girlcast is in full swing as the girls discuss movies, TV shows, women they hate and men they love (not their husbands, mind you). WARNING: There is absolutely NO testosterone levels in this episode whatsoever.

Topics include: ComiCON screws us, The BevMo Incident, Awesome Sushi, John Barrowman gets added to Victoria’s list, racism vs auto-erotic crashiation, America’s Next Top Model, gift giving, Charmed, Becky’s hatred for Jennifer Garner and Katie Holmes, big love for Maggie Gyllenhaal, and they decide that Christian Bale is the best Batman.

It’s also movie review time for Girlcast. Go see Secretary and The Machinist. Avoid Catch and Release, Jersey Girl and Crash (1996) like the plague. James Spader is creepy and Christopher Walken plays a good villain.

Victoria and Becky made sushi. Here’s the ones they created:

Victoria Roll: Sweet Potato, Avocado, Cream Cheese
Chicken Terryaki: Terryaki Chicken, Cream Cheese, Water Chestnuts
California Club: Avocado, Bacon, Chicken lightly covered in mayo
BBQ Fun: BBQ Chicken, Sweet Potatoes, Bacon

They also share stories about bad car experiences, bad party nights, music-related guilty pleasures, their favorite drinks, Live Earth concert, Becky’s Sirius stations, Robot Chicken, live action Care Bears or JEM, names for twins, strange pet hybrids, youtube.com videos (Old Gregg & Little Girl Monster), hair bands that start with W and Becky’s man list.

The lesson here is: when you let two girls talk for an hour it becomes the land of 10,000 topics. From cats to guys, food and booze, all kinds of entertainment and stories. If there’s a topic you don’t hear in this episode then you either didn’t listen or you have testicles.

016: That’s Not a Real Name

This week’s episode comes to you via delay thanks to Victoria’s infected ear. Still, we find time to discuss Avenue Q, stupid ideas in seminars, the MLB All-Star Game selections and more of our rants and raves including Victoria’s latest name for a band.

Oh, and by the time you’re listening to this I’ll either be on a plane headed for Pittsburgh or I’ll have landed. Either way, say a little prayer to whatever God you believe in (even if that god is just  you) and wish me luck this weekend. My mom’s getting married and I’m not only handing her off to a guy I barely know but I’m also playing photographer at the reception. Craziness.