014: It All Comes Back to Poles

We have new guests this week! Aaron and Becky join us for a show while we celebrate my birthday.

This week we discuss shopping at the San Diego County Fair with your parents, whether or not ninjas have a code of honor, shows to watch on BBC America, inappropriate hand waving to songs like “Delilah” and “Hey Joe”, playing Marvin Gaye songs behind Father’s Day clips, mullets and skullets and we surf stories on the net.

Father’s Day was Sunday so we tell a few dad stories including the following: Aaron’s dad is a sentimental fool, Becky’s dad is a racist, Victoria’s dad is like Harry Carey and my dad liked to make slides back in the day.

We also discuss things we found out about our parents that we wish we could wash from our minds, the fact that Pamela Anderson is the gateway from Rock to Reality TV and Aaron ruins his reputation by confessing his love for Jersey Girl and Last Action Hero. We also somehow work Jesus and zombies in at the end. Can’t have an episode without ’em!