007b: Go Back to Everwood

In Part Deux Victoria brings us an update to the “You Gotta Love It” story, we try to determine where/if Red Apple Cigarettes showed up in Death Proof and we stop throwing Aaron under the bus and praise him Brasky-style. Also, I get a little drunk, go a little crazy and have to be reminded why I lost to zombies and burritos. Butch brings nothing but questions to the episode. Let’s see if you can answer these for us:

1. If Jesus is a zombie and he’s more interested in your soul than your brains, how does he eat your soul?
2. Are we given the chance to defend ourselves at the Final Judgement and does Rusty play the bailiff?
3. They say our lives can be compared to a sitcom. So what sitcom are you?
4. Is it too soon to name your fantasy baseball team the Blacksburg Massacre?

In light of this last question, we discuss NBC’s ethics after receiving the package from Seung Cho & Victoria unashamedly confesses to us about a certain teabagging incident at work. In the end Butch and I agree that Adam was right when he sang that Beautiful People are People. Victoria, always the critic, reminds us that we’re all just a Benetton ad.