005: Gotta Love It!

This week Victoria bakes me brownies, I get new tires, we watch Scanner Darkly and For Your Consideration, We attend M*A*S*H UP UNIT 619, take pictures of the wonderful Cover Me Badd’s Blasphemous Guitars, see a commercial for Sticky Fingers, watch Star Troopers do the Can-Can, discuss Fake nails, the evil of the phrase “Gotta Love It” (hence the title), try to determine who would win in a fight between Abe and Teddy, hear about a dude swimming the length of the Amazon River and ponder such McDonaldland questions as why they keep letting the hamburgler in, whether Mayor McCheese’s head gets moldy or what exactly is Grimace. We had a relaxing Easter, bring up the word chittery-chattery and discuss the upcoming Southern California Renaissance Pleasure Faire (and forget to mention the Escondido Renaissance Faire…how dare us).

1. Tell us a story of when your significant other went out of their way to do something for you for no other reason than they felt like it.
2. Tell us what you think of fake nails.
3. Give us some of your favorite trashy foods
4. Let us know who would win in a fight, Abraham Lincoln or Theodore Roosevelt and is there a president that could beat them both?
5. Make sure you eat bread after you bathe.

Check out Blasphemous Guitars
Comment on photos from the concert
Southern California Renaissance Pleasure Faire