April 2007

007b: Go Back to Everwood

In Part Deux Victoria brings us an update to the “You Gotta Love It” story, we try to determine where/if Red Apple Cigarettes showed up in Death Proof and we stop throwing Aaron under the bus and praise him Brasky-style. Also, I get a little drunk, go a little crazy and have to be reminded why I lost to zombies and burritos. Butch brings nothing but questions to the episode. Let’s see if you can answer these for us:

1. If Jesus is a zombie and he’s more interested in your soul than your brains, how does he eat your soul?
2. Are we given the chance to defend ourselves at the Final Judgement and does Rusty play the bailiff?
3. They say our lives can be compared to a sitcom. So what sitcom are you?
4. Is it too soon to name your fantasy baseball team the Blacksburg Massacre?

In light of this last question, we discuss NBC’s ethics after receiving the package from Seung Cho & Victoria unashamedly confesses to us about a certain teabagging incident at work. In the end Butch and I agree that Adam was right when he sang that Beautiful People are People. Victoria, always the critic, reminds us that we’re all just a Benetton ad.

007a: A Vodka Named Raggedy Ann & Andy

*WARNING: GRINDHOUSE SPOILERS INSIDE* – Butch joins us again as we discuss the most boring “Ladies Night Out” in recorded history. Victoria loses a battle with a bad burrito but lives to fight another one and discovers the best California burrito ever. We enjoy some time at the DMV (yes you read that right) and we disagree on Hawaiian Food. We discuss Grindhouse and all its highs and lows. Victoria brings us a newly updated Awesome List where for exactly 4.78 seconds I enjoy having made the list until Butch pulls his best Simon Le Bon.

006: You’re Never Gonna Get Me Copper!

This week we discuss the food at the VA Hospital in La Jolla and Victoria’s poor choice in liquor. We go over our day at the Southern California Renaissance Pleasure Faire. We dig up Dante Gabriel Rosetti’s writers block issue and ask about our listeners views on posthumous works. Victoria brings us the phrase of the week. Can you take a guess? She also teaches us how to get your significant other out of the silent treatment. We also talk about this week’s episode of “The Office” and plug a few great talents. Oh and Cinnamon has gotten into something.

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Merry Wives of Windsor
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Belles of Bedlam

005: Gotta Love It!

This week Victoria bakes me brownies, I get new tires, we watch Scanner Darkly and For Your Consideration, We attend M*A*S*H UP UNIT 619, take pictures of the wonderful Cover Me Badd’s Blasphemous Guitars, see a commercial for Sticky Fingers, watch Star Troopers do the Can-Can, discuss Fake nails, the evil of the phrase “Gotta Love It” (hence the title), try to determine who would win in a fight between Abe and Teddy, hear about a dude swimming the length of the Amazon River and ponder such McDonaldland questions as why they keep letting the hamburgler in, whether Mayor McCheese’s head gets moldy or what exactly is Grimace. We had a relaxing Easter, bring up the word chittery-chattery and discuss the upcoming Southern California Renaissance Pleasure Faire (and forget to mention the Escondido Renaissance Faire…how dare us).

1. Tell us a story of when your significant other went out of their way to do something for you for no other reason than they felt like it.
2. Tell us what you think of fake nails.
3. Give us some of your favorite trashy foods
4. Let us know who would win in a fight, Abraham Lincoln or Theodore Roosevelt and is there a president that could beat them both?
5. Make sure you eat bread after you bathe.

Check out Blasphemous Guitars
Comment on photos from the concert
Southern California Renaissance Pleasure Faire

004: The Awesome List

This week we discuss the Awesome List, clothes shopping, our poker night with Butch, a great new film and we give our predictions on the 2007 baseball season.

Don’t forget to check out “Fred’s Friend” by Aaron Brungardt.

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