March 2007

003: We Call It Reparation Sex
This week we have our first guest: The Overlord of Awesome! The Minister of Percipience! The Emperor of Motherfucking Badassery! The Fuck-All of Fuck-All! Butch Rosser!

This week we discuss: Abolishing the penny, a variety of things that suck (including both Duke and UNC, Alexander, Joe Pesci and Flavor of Love), plenty of beastiality (at least from Butch and Victoria), purity balls, our cat Cinnamon, women’s empowerment is NOT the Pussycat Dolls, a jihad on reality TV, God is panracial with a mullet, fuck the two-party system, did Buffalo Bill dig that well himself or did he buy a home with a well already furnished, the cat and the TV are not amused, Poker Night on Saturday, deathbed repentance, domestic violence, Trifecta, Victoria’s latest novel, plenty of shit talking, possible UNCAST t-shirt slogans and our pathetic attempt to sucker donations from our listeners.

Generally we’re just donkey punching the line between funny and disturbing. I think we covered both when Butch said, “It got on its knees and smiled like a donut”.

This week Butch plugs:

002: Would You Like Some Jesus With Your Footlong?

This week we discuss our attempt at conceiving a child on our upcoming cruise, marketing ideas for Jesus and bad drivers (one in particular).

001: Never Put Your Hand In The Tub

This week we discuss the new TMNT movie, the plight of the Transformers line, St Patrick’s Day and its origins, Curious George and his sex offender uncle in the orange hat and flying cars.