As you may be able to tell from the title, watch the first step. This show’s a doozy. We start off with narcophilia before moving on to Victoria forcing her vagina to read. No not teaching, forcing. We discuss cartoons that aren’t just for kids, Daniel creates his yearly geeky twist on the NCAA Bracket. Let’s just say this year tops last year.

256: My Illiterate Vagina

We discover war dolphins that went AWOL for bottlenose poon, golden showers aren’t for us, keeping a whore journal, Victoria’s whacky teen bucket list, our game night with Becky and Victoria’s shower Bane. Yes, the Batman villain. We end with time travel and the stump amendment. Don’t question it. Just listen.

251: Argyle Bank and McClaren

This episode was reorded in July 2011 and was originally intended to be a backstage recording. Join Rachel, Stephon and all three Uncast Hosts for 55 minutes of argyle, cars, Rhi reads the internet and random silliness. After the backstage show, I’ve plugged in a 12-minute recording I made last year of myself having some fun with Ottawa public Safety radio feed. Enjoy!


250b: Drunk Cosbys

We continue this two-part episode by finishing the Awesome Lists and move on to Victoria’s shining moment: Drunken Cosbys. Victoria dressed as Thor for Halloween and Butch is agog. Daniel discusses his recent weight loss and starting a best burger tour of San Diego. How shall we add this into the show? We close out the actual show with “Ask a Black” with Butch.

Check out all the latest with Butch:

250a: Porn Church

We kinda lost the best episode in the world. Damn external hard drive. This is just a tribute. A two part tribute. We start off with two beers of the week and in the midst of this, we find the one topic that is taboo for Uncast. We also discuss a business idea Victoria has. Hint, it involves religion and food. We then move on to the main event of the evening. THREE Awesome Lists! Enjoy Part One. Part Two will be out in a couple days. Promise.


249: Lingonberry Party

This week it’s back to roots and topics include but are not limited to the following: r/spacedick, Lemon Party ideas, Slater’s 50/50 brunch kicks ass, Medifast update from Daniel, Weekend of awesome new beers thanks to Prohibition Brewery and Offbeat Brewery, Beers of The Week, an Awesome List, costumes from Victoria’s Bizzaro World, her lack of key Black Sabbath knowledge, sports updates a game and goat nails. Yes. Goat nails. That’s what we decided to end this on. It’s under an hour but nonstop nonsense. Drink it up!

248: All It Took Is One Drop

We’re missing Rhian this week and it takes two guests and a very drunk Daniel to make up for it. We’re hoping she will be home soon so she can join us on the show again soon. We start the show off with Daniel, already drunk and belligerent, making Victoria the first scapegoat of the show. This backfires quickly and all hell breaks loose, like an ape-seal Snooki. That’s how we START the show.

From there we jump right into the show title topic and folks, it ain’t gettin any classier. We give our review of Cards Against Humanity. Victoria gives us the Beer of the Week this week, which was the New Belgium/Lost Abbey Lips of Faith version of the Brett Beer. Somehow this leads us down a dark road of aggressive Italians, stinky Belgians and risque hotel sex. We discuss the awesomeness that is Cookie Butter and then on to handicapped haunted house movie. This transitions into talk of Daniel being old-fashioned for demanding that his sexual partners knowingly consent to his advances. I did warn you earlier this was going downhill, right? OK then. We move on.

Yeah so Daniel hits a new level of drunk from here and the show just devolves. Victoria, Butch and Andrea try to take back control and are almost successful at times. There’s still an admission of watching gruesome porn and Daniel not just hitting the wall but obliterating it. Victoria goes on to discuss her obsession with zombie survival scenarios and brings in the shotgun option. This leads to talk about a kill van she saw on the way home and her new circus. Butch tries to talk about stuff going on in his awesome life and it devolves into auto-erotic self-mastication.

244: Let Your Geek Tongue Fly

Sadly another show without Rhian. Starting right off tonight with a special call into the show. We jump into our first beer of the week and somehow that brings us into the weather and post-apocalyptic dreams. We go into some recent local brewery tastings and omg there are so many more still to go! Victoria went out to see the Rev with her day and she uses Slate to teach us fellatio helps morning sickness.

We jump on beer number two and wow this one’s a real winner! Victoria reviews “Magic Mike” and “Spider-Man” for us and Daniel ponders on whether cats have gone TOO viral. I know, we thought he was stupid too. We talk about a Utah magazine that celebrated it’s WHITE Women of Color. WTF? There’s a bit of baseball talk where the whore news should be and we end the show in under an hour twelve. Nice, ey?

243: The Four My Little Ponies of The Apocalypse

This week we miss Rhian for many reasons. She’s left the Casa and she had to miss recording this episode with us as she’s dealing with some pretty serious stuff at the moment. We hope to have her back on the show as soon as possible. In the meantime, you get us, mwahahaha! We start right off as you’d expect, at the beginning. No seriously, we talk about the apocalypse. Do zombies have to be involved? You decide. Beer of the week is taken Wookey style. We drank of it and tasted that it was pretty hoppily awesome!

We discuss our recent Ottawa trip, returning Rhian to her home country and enjoying the city’s wonders. Victoria gives us an Awesome List and then it gets ugly. Jason Statham ugly. Victoria reviews “The Italian Job” and talks a bit about a couple other movies or something. I get into the Euro 2012 soccer tournament and yes I’m bitter about the outcome. Whatever. There’s a bit of hipster hate and we clear up the myth that I think Arcade Fire and Nickelback are in any way comparible. We end the show with a new game that (as usual) Vivi loves and I do not.

242: Cake Is Ass

We start right off with the topic that gave us our title. We enjoy our first beer of the week and the Butch gives us a few words he’d love to bring back into regular conversation. Victoria is obsessed with the idea of eating cake off someone’s ass or eating cake with someone while all are naked. Daniel isn’t sure he follows the logic really so this will have to involve someone else.

There’s a bit of EuroVision discussion, tasty brews, tutus and Victoria’s take on her recent marathon listening of “Trapped In The Closet” by Usher. Victoria reviews “Witness For The Prosecution” and Sigur Ros. Butch contributes an article on San Diego’s thriving craft beer scene. We get to hear a bit of what Butch has been up to and end the show fairly quickly for a Butch episode. Just about 95 minutes.

241: I Put A Whistle On My Vagina

Rhian apologizes for her voice and Victoria apologizes for nothing in this episode. We discuss a juice cleanse found in Oprah’s magazine and diarhettic comas. We talk about Rhian’s recent stay in the hospital, transfusion number two and Rhian 3.0 is born. For the story on that, visit her blog at

Victoria lays down some ultimatums and “it’s either this or this but it has to be one of the two or both” type shit on Daniel. Yet again she demands a phallus to poke a donut. The God provides when the mortals prove they’re deserving of those things they seek. Rhian invents a transformer that’s both eyeglasses and a vibrator. Finally we drop into the beer of the week. Another Californian invention worth drinking. This time Drake’s Drakonic Imperial Stout.

We then go into Hunger Games talk and Victoria decides the tribute character she’d be if she was in the story. She also brings us the 13 worst things to do with your vagina. I have to question her decision making skills this episode. Game of Thrones comes up again and Vivi reveals her need to have a torrid affair with Tyrion Lannister. Now I’m SURE she has poor decision making skills this episode.

Rhian and Daniel talk about local San Diego food and one specific block of places in particular that we need to try. There’s a brief discussion of 50 Shades of Grey before Rhian saves the show with Whore News. This week: the recent trend of briefly replacing the news with porn.


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