267: Can’t Trade Boobs For Wood

Victoria brings us an Awesome List and a laundry list of wild news pieces. We discuss our last week with Andrea, an Otter eating an Alligator and a few geek items. Oh yeah you didn’t think we’d forget the beer did you? We didn’t. It’s an EPIC Mash.


Corvette Diner

Watch Table Top

Point Loma Seafood




265: 25 Minutes

Butch joins us again for another show. We begin talking music and Victoria’s celebrity name fails. We also ask the audience if any of you still watches or cares about America’s Next Top Model. We enjoy the first beer of the week and somehow this brings us to a particular retired NASCAR driver. This of course leads to racism. We then discuss our birthdays, including Victoria’s gift to Daniel of his very own real noble title. He is now Lord Daniel of Sealand.

It has begun. Thanks a lot, Victoria…for your mustache.

Table Top is totally awesome. After this show is over, you should definitely go watch episodes of that show. Due to Table Top, we’ve started collecting cool games and we’re going to try having a monthly game brunch at the Casa. Spence drops by and shit gets real. Victoria + Vampire Diaries + /r/clopclop = WTF * ImGoinToHellForThis. Victoria also contemplated playing “Cards Against Humanity” with her parents. We talk about a moment where I interjected masturbating breakfast with Life On Mars. Then there’s cookie monster in the corner rocking back and forth while Grover sings Get Lucky. Somehow incest blends into Infinite Jest. Unlike the title, this one is 58 minutes long.

263: Knock Knock Knocking on Past Ghost’s Door

This is Victoria recapping a show I wasn’t on. This is what the “bros” discussed:

-we’re old
-we like bacon…suprised? seriously? you made it this far…
-memories!!!! but not remembering well.. we’re old
-confidence is your friend
-who is the oldest friend… Like a dick measuring contest but with fantasy baseball instead of whipping it out.
-Where? The Warehouse. If you are old and American, you get it.
-Starter, Members Only, Pro-wings, Kangaroos… they are talking clothes people.
-surprise boners

262: Feast, Ale and Music

Butch joins us this week and we discuss everything from Game of Thrones to beer to music, music and more music. There’s more nostalgia than you can shake a ring pop at and we bring back “Ask A Black Dude” just for the fun of it.

260: Drunk Cosbys Strike Again

We start the show off with both of us drunk to the nines. Victoria went to Italy (Milano, Firenze, Roma & Torino) and describes all the sights and sounds but mostly the smells and tastes. Rome isn’t built up, it’s built out; like Los Angeles…or Cass Elliot who is a little less built out now. We start out with a very tasty Italian beer that Vivi brought home. Daniel is ungrateful. We move on to a decent dinner at Slaters 50/50 and Hamilton’s Tavern which had an awesome Stone takeover night going. Less than ten minutes in and Vivi is almost gone.


Daniel discusses shit he dealt with while Victoria was gone. There was the negatives (Ottawa drama, incessant Cinnamon, depression) and the positives (Urbn Coal-Fired Pizza, Mother Earth Brewing, Brochella, Distiller’s Outlet in Poway). Vivi tunes him out and Daniel gets butt-hurt and this brings out the Drunk Cosbies and the end of Part One.


We come back and start off our last hour of the show by drinking more beer. We might have a problem. I hear that’s one of the steps to something. I don’t care. Vivi gets into the Eurovision competition which Daniel does not understand quite at all. There was a vampire, a cute Danish girl, boring Hungarians and lots of weirdness. Vivi loved a Finnish song.


This moves us to the third beer of the week and if Drunk Cosbys wasn’t enough, My Little Pony talk will send you over. Daniel tries to help by talking about sports but the only thing that truly saves us is an Awesome List, which starts awkward and gets awesome quick. Enjoy!

As you may be able to tell from the title, watch the first step. This show’s a doozy. We start off with narcophilia before moving on to Victoria forcing her vagina to read. No not teaching, forcing. We discuss cartoons that aren’t just for kids, Daniel creates his yearly geeky twist on the NCAA Bracket. Let’s just say this year tops last year.

256: My Illiterate Vagina

We discover war dolphins that went AWOL for bottlenose poon, golden showers aren’t for us, keeping a whore journal, Victoria’s whacky teen bucket list, our game night with Becky and Victoria’s shower Bane. Yes, the Batman villain. We end with time travel and the stump amendment. Don’t question it. Just listen.

251: Argyle Bank and McClaren

This episode was reorded in July 2011 and was originally intended to be a backstage recording. Join Rachel, Stephon and all three Uncast Hosts for 55 minutes of argyle, cars, Rhi reads the internet and random silliness. After the backstage show, I’ve plugged in a 12-minute recording I made last year of myself having some fun with Ottawa public Safety radio feed. Enjoy!


250b: Drunk Cosbys

We continue this two-part episode by finishing the Awesome Lists and move on to Victoria’s shining moment: Drunken Cosbys. Victoria dressed as Thor for Halloween and Butch is agog. Daniel discusses his recent weight loss and starting a best burger tour of San Diego. How shall we add this into the show? We close out the actual show with “Ask a Black” with Butch.

Check out all the latest with Butch:

250a: Porn Church

We kinda lost the best episode in the world. Damn external hard drive. This is just a tribute. A two part tribute. We start off with two beers of the week and in the midst of this, we find the one topic that is taboo for Uncast. We also discuss a business idea Victoria has. Hint, it involves religion and food. We then move on to the main event of the evening. THREE Awesome Lists! Enjoy Part One. Part Two will be out in a couple days. Promise.


249: Lingonberry Party

This week it’s back to roots and topics include but are not limited to the following: r/spacedick, Lemon Party ideas, Slater’s 50/50 brunch kicks ass, Medifast update from Daniel, Weekend of awesome new beers thanks to Prohibition Brewery and Offbeat Brewery, Beers of The Week, an Awesome List, costumes from Victoria’s Bizzaro World, her lack of key Black Sabbath knowledge, sports updates a game and goat nails. Yes. Goat nails. That’s what we decided to end this on. It’s under an hour but nonstop nonsense. Drink it up!


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