188: I’m Just Sayin

Victoria starts right off with weird cat names. Yeah THAT is how we’re starting the show. Daniel follows up strongly by bitching about the new Digg look. Victoria asks the listeners to explain what her recent dreams mean. Tell us what you think the hidden meaning is. Daniel thinks it’s penis envy. Victoria wants to be the third in a Javier Bardem/Penelope Cruz threesome. We discuss the first ever Celebrity Twitter Auctions where the money goes to support various charities for Haiti and Hallowhedon in London! We are so jealous!

Early into the show, Daniel starts in with this theory about the phrase “I’m just sayin” and quickly abandons it less than 15 minutes in. Daniel explains how sickness and throat issues delayed Uncast episodes from being released and recorded and Victoria discusses recent stresses at work. We all discuss the tragic explosion of a gas pipe in a San Bruno neighborhood just west of San Francisco Int’l Airport. There’s talk about aliens and Miss Cleo, failed jokes, Butch pinning down Mr Rhi and other craziness.

Following this is of course the very mature game of coming up with movie titles that are hilarious when applied to poo. Daniel and Victoria rant about judgemental psuedo-patriots on “Patriots Day” and yes I realize this is hitting the airwaves 20 days late and yes we’re aware that people bitch about these exact things every year but they still exist, so we must continue bitching cause that changes things. We transition from that to 5 Social Networking disorders. We discuss some drama from the latest “America’s Next Top Model” and everyone’s shocked. Rhian brings us some Whore News before we move on to some football. Game of the Week is QUITE late. Yikes. Ah wells, here we go anyways. We bring this to you in an hour, 12 mintues and 36 seconds.

186: The Freilich Maneuver

So check this one out. There’s beer, 2010’s “Read-A-Book” and some talk of Lil Wayne’s autotune dependency. Victoria brings us a science segment with “clean drinking” and we also read some listener comments. This is followed by a few movie reviews, some sports from Daniel and a documentary we shared as a family.

After all that we still have time to tell you how your bathroom posture affects your health. Daniel brings some more things he learned from podcasts. We learn about the rise and fall of quicksand and Victoria has an Awesome List!

166: Cannibalism or Necrophilia?

Happy Valentine’s Day! Rhian joins us again for another episode. We jump right into Super Bowl talks, including the good and the bad of commercial ads. We each read off our names from Urban Dictionary. Guess who’s God, Chuck Norris and a few other awesome things combined? Victoria brings us another game of “Who Would Win In A Fight” and there’s a few strange battles. We discuss jury duty, Daniel’s magic healing cock becoming magic healing fingers and some very strange search terms that have brough people to uncast.net.

Victoria outs her love for cold things on her and we have to ask the title question: is it worse to fuck the dead or eat the dead? With Rhian comes whore news and we also bring in some questions about sex in space. What would it be like to have an orgy at zero gravity? You tell us! Call us with your answers at 619-940-4SEX or leave your comments on uncast.net. We give this one to you in under 58 minutes.

164: We’re Make Out Angels

Rhian’s back! You might see her become a bit of a regular since she’ll be with us for a while. We start out this episode with a girl’s day in, Beer Night with co-workers and their awesome house. We took Victoria’s parents out for lunch and tofu soup isn’t disgusting. Other things that aren’t disgusting include Victoria’s cooking, Becky’s girl boner and Rockband nights. We have a number of quotes of the night when Becky visited and we discuss horrible vs awesome porn names. We all learn the meaning of clitter dick, Victoria’s wild desirous need for Rhian and Montreal’s take on church and strip clubs. Finish up with the NFL playoffs and Golden Globes and we get 42 minutes of awesome!

161: You Really Aren’t Going to Use All Of It

It’s Christmas Eve! Beer reviews are awesome since we loved every beer we put in our mouths. We scour Craigslist for some free things Santa can pick up to give the not-quite-as-good little boys and girls. Daniel caught his first flu of the year. A song from 1992 becomes England’s “Song of the Year” for 2009. Glad to see the Brits are nearly caught up with us Yanks. We go through upcoming NFL games including the Game of The Week and Victoria’s work party where she gets her idea of the best white elephant gift.

Hero of the Week: Hannah Hubbell from Texas. This six-year old kid saved the day and I felt her story deserved a bit of our time. Hope you’ll enjoy hearing about it. Is there really some list guys keep and they check off whenever they have sex with people who meet some criteria on that list? Has anyone ever completed their list? Victoria expresses her love for our listener, The Godfather. I’m not sure what brought that out but yeah. Victoria shares her observation that Keira Knightley has great lips for fellatio. I don’t argue. Would you like her to take care of you in such a fashion? We end the episode with a few stupid lists. Voila! All done in 3,789 seconds.

We’d like to congradulate our good friends and listeners, Rachel and Victor on their recent engagement. We wish you long lives of health and happiness together.

Please also go check out our friends from Audiobuzzed, The DaH Theory, Keith and The Girl, The Scream, The Litterbox Podcast, I Love Lard, Preferential Treatment and many many others by going to uncast.net and clicking their link in the right margin.

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160: But You Have No Vagina

This week we ask the question: What is the real draw with mermaids when they have no vaginas? Does this also mean there are no lesbian mermaids? We review two movies: Across The Universe and A Christmas Story. Just make the whole neighborhood spit on the kid before you pour boiling water on his tongue. Serves him right, the fucking hippie. All you need is love? NOT WITH THE POLE!

We realize Michelle Duggar is actually a rat. Why else would you have a 19th baby but to feed it to the other kids? We dig into sports and discuss the World Cup draws and of course the Game of the Week. Victoria buys some high heels and quickly learns why women don’t wear these all the time. She visits Friends of Cats and more clearly defines a true kitteh thug. We have a little bit of a stupid disagreement over who’s iPod is better: her new orange Nano or his iTouch.

Victoria has an Awesome List! This one’s a good blend of various things so you’ll wanna hear it. We touch on Tiger briefly. OK that was probably a poor choice of words. We’ve found our perfect breakfast place: The Incredible Cafe in Rancho Bernardo. Go check it out. A Local strip club catches fire while we’re recording. We discuss the company “end of year” party. We realize during this party that we are opposites and Daniel refuses to be Paula. He works his magic hands on the box and is awesome. The food, was NOT awesome.

Victoria adds in a few juvenile takes on things like a Meat Stick Bonanza, Dutch Ovens and rape tomatoes. The weapon of choice: Corn syrup and glitter a la tar and feathering. You get all this in 72 minutes. Like it? Hate it? Tells us by leaving comments at uncast.net or emailing us at uncast.net@gmail.com OR CALL US! (619) 940-4SEX (4738)

159: Pon de Floor Party

We bring in Aaron and Butch after a long night of chili, gourmet popcorn, beer and watching the same video over and over to different songs for about two hours. We enjoy a few more beers on the show but don’t go into too much detail about them. Topics tonight include Victoria watching constructicons tear apart a building at her work, a Friday Night beer run with co-workers and kissing Jeff Dunham. Yeah, I’m creeped out too. Let’s just move on, shall we? OK so we learn 7Weird Ways to Not Get Sick (including kissing), a sing-along on Vicodin, some band names with a Star Wars twist (recent Twitter meme) and then on to vampires. Can Aaron beat up a vampire? We’re not sure. You tell us.

We go on to some of the week in sports including more wins by Norwich City FC, the MLS Cup and of course the Game of The Week. We end by briefly mentioning Daniel’s hatred for the letter C and end after about 70 minutes.

As always, send in some comments at uncast.net, write us at uncast.net@gmail.com and call in at (619) 940-4SEX or you could just check out Butch and Aaron online. We need to hear from you good folks! How’ve the holidays been? Got any interesting Thanksgiving/Christmas stories to share? What should we do this winter? You know, besides sex. That’s a given. Let us hear ya!

158: OMG I Was A Dyke!

Victoria starts off by ruining “New Moon” for everyone. We discuss the Lupilin Effect with IPAs and enjoy Avery’s Dugana IPA. There’s talk of JanuaRHI, maple syrup, some movies Victoria recently watched, vampires and Blake Lively. We learn about a man in Britain with bionic bowels. If the robots want to take over, they’ll have to start from our bottoms. We run through a Lightning Round of Food, Australians, the South African Economy and why beer is awesome. Victoria enjoys last.fm on her XBOX 360 now and we ask everyone which of these are sexy: monocles and/or fur hats? Naked pornstar in a ushanka and monocle? Fur hat and long wool socks?

Victoria starts a new band called Glocked and Loaded and we all roll our eyes. No judging though, we swear. Thanks to Butch and others, we learn that bacon sandwiches help cure hangovers. Daniel goes through his Sports News for the week and we wrap things up with an article from our Whorespondant, Rhian. Check her out with Big Jim on Audiobuzzed! Also props go out to our contributors this week. Go listen to I Love Lard and The Scream podcasts and check out Butch’s blogs at ButchRosser.net and TheIslandOfMisfitSongs.com. This episode for 86 minutes, 32 seconds.

The month isn’t over yet! DONATE to Movember for Daniel! Also we still want to hear from you all. Leave comments at uncast.net, email us at uncast.net@gmail.com or call us at (619) 940-4SEX

157: I Like Chicks With Sticks

Lists telling you what your beer says about you suck. We spent a weekend in Arizona celebrating Halloween with the DaHonays again. This time I didn’t lose my job doing it. We finally got around to watching Watchmen and the big blue penis was not all it was cracked up to be. Sex to Hallelujah is awesome though.

Some couple is trying to make their house partly out of straw. Well, I’ll huff and I’ll puff. Victoria discovers the original Star Trek series and it’s terrible cheesy goodness. Well, that’s how she views it anyways. Daniel doesn’t see it. We get a bit of sports talk from Daniel, who is still looking for an NHL team that he can root for.

Oh and we’re asking YOU to talk to us. Call us at (619) 940-4SEX, write us at uncast.net@gmail.com or leave comments on uncast.net but we want to hear how you’ve been. Do you have some stories or observations from life? Opinions on something we’ve said recently? Articles or topics you’d like to hear us tackle? Let us hear ya!

We end the show with a Wal-Mart wedding, some rules a restaurant builder wants his staff to follow and we definitely get our opinion out on some of those. Victoria caps the episode off with a theory about Snow White and we end with a second call to action:

MOVEMBER has started! What is Movember? Well check it out here: us.movember.com
but essentially it’s a way to raise awareness and education about men’s health issues such as prostate and testicular cancer. I started the month clean shaven and I’m growing a mustache (or trying) throughout November to raise money that goes to the Prostate Cancer Foundation and the Lance Armstrong Foundation. DONATE NOW!!! Click HERE.

154: Don’t Pee On Your Children

Sit down and relax with your favorite Oktoberfest beer. We enjoy the fares from Karl Strauss and Schmaltz Brewing. This week’s Game Of The Week was more exciting than it had any right to be and this week’s game involves Monday Night Football and an AFC East rivalry. We go shopping for my Halloween costume and we give all of you a challenge. The first one to correctly guess what my Halloween costume and either calls or emails us with the answer gets a prize. Also just in case you doubted, Texas is back y’all! We introduce the unknowing to a blog about Cake Wrecks. It’s classic and we love it. Victoria gives us some helpful advice and the title of our episode.

We have to ask though, what is it with foreigners and their obsession with Pop Tarts? We realize that poor Chicago was two O’s short of the Olympics. So did Rio de Janeiro but it’s the first time any city in South America has hosted so maybe that’s it. We touch a bit on the David Letterman thing and Victoria asks if she can have a threesome with me and a bizarro world version of myself. Victoria takes issue with farm animals teaching kids and I really start to doubt her sanity. Some annoying bitch decides she can’t help but sing along to Karaoke even when it’s not her song and she’s not on stage. Six women take offense. Who knew Stamford had a ghetto? We regretably do a bit of Canadian Whore News without the help of our dear Whorespondent, Rhian.

We ask our audience one last thing in this episode: What are you neurotic about? We discuss some of our own and what brings this all up. Uncast wouldn’t be complete without a list of some sort, so we give the Men’s Journal top five beer towns in the United States. Guess what city tops the list. We round out the episode with some of the things Victoria has learned from television and end the show soundly in about 1:05:29. Enjoy!

As always, contact us by email at uncast.net@gmail.com or give us a call at (619) 940-4SEX. We’d love to hear from ya!


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