171: We Do When The Doing Needs Done

We’re all over the place this week. Coming off of the latest episode of Lost (as of this recording), Victoria decides she wants a gift. We learn about a book written by a cat and it’s whacko owner. Victoria proclaims that for her Birthday, she wants someone to go with her to see Kenny Loggins.

The Awesome portion of the show starts with things that are NOT awesome, like a video game based on rape. Victoria presents us with another Awesome List and this one goes to eleven total! We laugh that people at Victoria’s work have noticed her arm tattoo but don’t know about or follow Uncast.

We go through some more memories of Universary weekend and review a few movies we watched about dancing. There’s a vampire running for President of the United States and we also learn why Twilight vampires are so hard to kill. Victoria introduces us to what’s happening in tween culture today and it’s as facepalmy as you’d think. We enjoy some lunch and conversation with Victoria’s ever entertaining parents and we learn that Shaniqua is black.

Lastly, Rhian brings us some more whore news and we are there to witness her viewing her first full length porn movie ever…and it SUCKED. Pun intended. After a short bit on chat roulette, we finally end this bitch around 1:29:44. That’s nearly 90 minutes of entertainment (well, outside of the 2 minutes of Justin Beiber talk and music) so I think it’s justified that you call us at 619-940-4SEX right now. We don’t care what you talk about, just have something to say and say it.

150: The Lightning Round

Butch joins us this week for the ever important show 150. We start off with a delicious beer, Daniel expresses his theory that everyone’s sexual orientation goes at least 2% the other way and we ask the important question: If you can’t wear white after Labor Day, when can you wear white again? Butch recommends some books for us to read as summer ends and we go through some of the things we did this Labor Day weekend including seeing the DaHonays and Marina at a campground in Mission Bay and our discovery of Sweet Tea Vodka. Victoria gets white trash on us and we all suck at Labor Day traditions.

Daniel presents us all with things he learned from podcasts this week, Butch tells us some stories in a new Lightning Round and of course there’s some sports news including the first Game of The Week for 2009. We think there are far too many sports with US Open tournaments: Soccer, Tennis, Golf, Surfing, Badminton, Snowboarding, Mountain Biking, Supercross and Cycling. After a few jokes and moments of clarity we add in some of our favorite musical discoveries of the summer, some charity work, some great places to enjoy a few drinks and you’ve got yourself a nice long episode without a single article being involved! We do however have just a few links for you. Enjoy tomorrow cause today’s schedule just filled up. One hour, 47 minutes, 37 seconds.

Autumn Reading
Angler The Cheney Vice Presidency by Barton Gellman
Outcasts United: A Refugee Team, an American Town by Warren St. John
The Art Of Making Money: The Story of a Master Counterfeiter by Jason Kersten
Love Will Tear Us Apart: A NOVEL by Sarah Rainone
The Battle For America 2008: The Story of an Extraordinary Election by Haynes Johnson and Dan Balz

Bands We Recommend
Hey Marseilles
Company of Thieves (Butch blog post link & Chris Cantore interview)
The Kills
Garfunkel and Oates
Silversun Pickups

Other Links For The Week
Bear Republic Brewing Company
The Island of Misfit Songs
Butch’s Blog

The Front Stoop
Holiday Matinee
Currant Restaurant
KFC’s death sammies with The Double Down & The Quadruple Down
Art event: Avedon exhibit
Charity event: Doctors Without Borders
Movie Reviews: Taking Woodstock and Julie & Julia

Got any thoughts, suggestions, comments, questions, complaints, or other greatness?
Write us at uncast.net@gmail.com or leave a comment on uncast.net OR
CALL US!! (619) 940-4SEX and leave any of the above or just a drunk dial, misdialed ramblings to your ex OR better yet…AUDIO PORN. Make love to our ears and we’ll love yours!

132: Happy World Lupus Day

Welcome to another show! Rhian from Audiobuzzed joins us in an episode filled with moms, whores and babies. We celebrate Mother’s Day, discuss college applications, giving the love of your life a gay for Valentine’s Day and college application talk.

Victoria’s dad brings back some tequila and scotch from Mexico and we discuss Motherlover. It ain’t no Dick In A Box. Victoria learns more things this week and we discover Air Sex. We have to go. You have to come with us. Rhian brings us whore news and we remember the last weekend in Arizona one more time.

We end the show with baby names, casting for a new historical crime drama movie. we learn that Malley got lucky and we go through bachelorette parties and why women need to be surrounded by so much fake cock when they could easily get the real thing. The show notes are longer than the episode. This one’s about an hour ten.

Mom Sourcing
Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde Casting
Top Baby Names
Keith Malley got lucky

111: The First Year Of The Show

This episode with a very confusing title includes stories from our trip to Utah for Christmas, our New Years Eve, Victoria’s weekend getting her hair cut, a few movie reviews, things Victoria learned from TV and some truly awesome shit. Check it out, it’s the first show we’ve recorded in 2009 and it’s only 83 minutes long.

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While you’re there, check out our friends podcasts too!

109: Come Warm By My Cock

Our shows being just a tad bit delayed we release this episode to you which we recorded the day before heading out to Utah for Christmas. Topics of the day include a mock jury temp job, gifts from The Dah Theory and stories from the company holiday party.

Daniel brings two articles for your consumption: Teen Lesbian Pregnancy (You read that right) and the police officer from Chipotle? There’s a letter proving the Polish have years to go before they can match the Nigerians in the e-mail scam industry and we notice a Pineapple Express Transportation shuttle on the freeway. We do it all in under 59 minutes.

We’re having a New Years Eve party! Yes I know it’s a few days away but dammit you’ll want to be there. Trust us on this. Contact us at uncast.net@gmail.com to get directions and party info. Don’t miss it!

Direct download: Uncast109.mp3

108: Victoria’s Episode

To start off this week Victoria wants to make it very clear that she does not get drunk on every episode. I guess I’ll add that I don’t either but I don’t feel quite as strongly as Victoria about that fact needing to be clear in everyone’s mind.

Now that we have that piece of business out of the way let’s begin. The lyrics to “All My Lovin” by The Beatles are a bit more perplexing that we thought at first hearing. Victoria has a new tattoo and no I swear this whole episode isn’t all just about her. We discuss Thanksgiving with her family, an abstinence flyer she found, What I Learned from TV and an awesome list. OK maybe this episode IS all about Victoria.

We include our friends and pay hommage by stealing a couple of their bits. First is beer of the week from Audiobuzzed in which we both try the Alaskan Smoked Porter courtesy of Becky Lou. Secondly we have food service stories from The DAH Theory. We had some poor service lately and thought we’d mention it. So check out those two shows after you’re done with this one.

Lastly there’s an article about Nebraska now limiting drop offs to babies only. Apparently some parents thought they were funny and dropped off their teenage brats.

As always go vote for us on Podcast Alley and keep checking in with us for new episodes, news and stories. This one lasts a grand total of 90 minutes!

099: Sorry I’m Out Of Service

This episode is simple and to the point. We discuss the VP debate, bottomless party ideas, baseball and then move right into two surprises: a portable recording from the car after picking Rachel up from her dad’s apartment and late-night Uncast in bed and uncut. Now with loud backgrounds of car engines and a purring cat! All wrapped up nice for you in just over 50 minutes!

Song at the end: The Bedlam BardsBlack Leather Band
For those that appreciate old Irish folk music with a naughty twist!

083: This One Will Have Balls of Granite

Victoria and Becky have a ladies day out which includes: Haircuts (picture to be posted later), lunch at Saffron, sneaking booze into Sex and The City and frozen yogurt from Golden Spoon. Meanwhile, I get a photography job offer, enjoy a weekend virtually alone and our patio (and my dartboard cabinet) gets rained on by soap.

We also discuss latest news like the acquittal of R. Kelly and the deaths of Tim Russert and Charlie Jones. Who’s the next NBC personality to go? We include a list of badass last words and share some stories of Victoria’s day at the Del Mar Fair. This blue ribbon winner weighs in at 1:03:35.

Don’t forget we still have the “name that song” contest going until five days after we release episode 88! Start getting your list filled out!

082: He Popped My Hymie!

A very interesting show indeed. We start out with new equipment that won’t work and move on to some observations Victoria made recently. Among those observations are the following: music and math lead to clowns being midnight tokers, the philosophy of little people, things that share a love of forts, shamateurism, the conundrum that exists in a hummus and ham sandwich and cats from Ancient Egypt to the Internet.

Speaking of cats, Cinnamon finally struck back after all the abuse she’s taken over the last 81 episodes. I don’t know what her problem is really. We let her appear on every show.

Victoria brings us another great Awesome List!

We also come with two articles from Reuters:
1. How does a man have a heart attack on Hawai’i? Was it the poi?
2. Is it cheating if you weren’t technically married at the time?

Oh and have you all noticed something a little different at the end of the last few episodes, say from episode 78 on? Well…
To celebrate our 30th birthdays, we’re playing our favorite songs from each year of our lives. 1978 being Episode 78 and so forth, we each chose one song each from that year as our favorite making sure none repeated.
It is your job to guess the song title and band by listening to the short clips we play at the end of each episode from 78 to 88. Because waiting until 108 would be too long and we wanna give you your prize!
The deadline is five days after Episode 88 is released. SO be sure you listen to that last episode quickly and get those entries in to us at
The prize will be an mp3 CD of all the songs 1978-2008, an Awesome List prize pack and a plethora of small trinkets and surprises.

Oh and isn’t this a coincidence? At the time we recorded the episode, Chipper Jones was hitting .420. The length of the episode? 42.0 minutes exactly. Is it magic or are you just high?

077: He Took His Teeth Out & Smiled At You!

This week we want to send out mega Happy Mother’s Day wishes to our own moms and all the moms out there who listen.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s discuss cannibalism, monkeyballs, muxtape.com and we come out with a new segment based on topics that frequently come out on passiveaggressivenotes.com.

This week, it has brought up a question that we now pose to our listeners: who is worse when it comes to cleanliness in the lavoratory, men or women? We end the show talking about the 18 things a grown man shouldn’t have. The show ends right around the 80 minute mark.


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